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Advanced realistic weaponary - NEW EN TRANSLATION

This mod adds a new and better weapons with more realistic look, shooting and sounds. You can unlock them from the beginning and have already quite strong defense, so you don’t have to be afraid that the aliens will eat you. Please, check this website for new releases of the mod. Thank you for downloading this mod and don’t forget to give the monsters hell with our guns!


Now you can control alien brains ! And force them to fight for you ! Well at least some of them, and for a limited time...

Smitherino's Firearms Plus

Adds many new weapons in 4 different tiers.

Early game weapons, these can take out a small biter base faster than the vanilla weapons (they are also longer range)

These are early-mid game and have excellent DPS and range compared to the vanilla weapons. The sniper rifle adds the ability to take out bases or worms at long range, but it won't hold back the swarms of biters and spitters coming after you.

These are mid to late game weapons, dealing extremely high damage. Armed with just some power shields and a military tier rifle, you should be able take out big biter bases with relative ease.

These are specialist weapons specifically build to kill behemoths. Not really much more to say there.

I plan to add more weapons to the game that are unique and not just more SMG's etc. Ill also try to listen to feedback and try to improve the mod and the balancing on those comments.

High-tech Laser Weaponry

A mod that adds 5 new laser-type weapons to the game

More Better Logistics 1.0.0 [12.x.x]

The More Better Logistics mod adds new inserters, belts, and a new weapon. I'm planning on adding other new things like new assembling machines and maybe some other new weapons.

I would have a forum post, but right now I don't really understand how that works.

Super Tank

Adds a boosted customisable version of the original Tank, with boosted ammos.

Tanks! for Bob!

A tank mod that adds additional tanks and tank/vehicle features to factorio.

- Auto cannon tank, fast conventional tank with two tiers
- Flamer tank, fast flamer tank with two tiers
- Super tank, heavy all round tank
- Rocket tank, Fast mobile range rocket launcher (under going redesign)

- Recall to tank teleporter tokens

Tank guns
- Auto cannon, will pass through objects like butter
- Battle cannon, stronger explosive shells
- Flamer, flame-thrower with two modes of fire
- Artillery, slow, high damage and long range shells
- Rocket launcher, fast and long range rockets
- Mine layer, faster way to deploy mines
- Machine gun, stronger then vanilla

- Cannon turret, a flame-thrower turret (under development)

This mod can be used with vanilla only, however it is balanced to play multi-player with "Bob's Enemies" and "Natural Evolution Expansion". This mod might be overpowered for vanilla Factorio.

Annihilator Capsule

Annihilator Capsule adds new Robot Annihilator with rockets instead od electric charges.

Rocket Personal Defence

Personal rocket luncher defence equipment, it is better personal defence, if You think it is to strong just play lower MK.

Loaded Gun Turrets

Adds new recipe - loaded gun turret, takes 10 piercing magazines and a turret .

Pick up gives a regular (unloaded) turret and all your ammo back.

Robots will place loaded turrets if one is destroyed.

Advanced Weaponry

Expands upon the limited weaponry present in vanilla. Adding several new weapons and the associated ammo, all locked behind research. I made this mainly because I got tired of running around with a bunch of destroyers.

-Assault Rifle
-Sniper Rifle
-Sniper Rifle Ammo
-Laser Rifle
-Laser Ammo
-Research for all of the above.

Factorio, Directed by Michael Bay

Everything explodes upon being destroyed. Biters, belts, trees, everything. Even stuff from other mods. It's the way the game should be played.

Explosive Termites

This mod adds two new items: Explosive Termites and Alien Explosive Termites

For when you don't want trees and you don't want trees anywhere near you - simply throw them at the nearest forest like any capsule and watch the trees go away :)


Adds multiple types of tanks, new ammo and a tank factory.

Long-Range Missile Launcher

Missiles are a late game weapon. They are intentionally difficult to mass produce. They have 100 range, do 180 explosion damage with 7 blast radius.

Quake 2 Weapons

A small mod I made that adds my favorite video game weapons of all time to Factorio. The Railgun, Rocket Launcher, and Super Shotgun from Quake 2 in all their glory. They are the only 3 weapons you will ever need :D