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Left-Right Load Balancer

Balances the left and the right side of a transport belt by taking items alternately left and right from the input belt. If one side is empty it will be skipped. Output goes the same: one left and one right, if one side is blocked it will be skipped.

Known Issues:
-Splitter signals that it needs electricity but also works without it
-Transport belts are getting rendered above the splitter

Smart Display

Adds an item that can display numbers from the circuit network, with several formating options.

Time Tools

Adds a tiny time toolbar at the top of the UI, that displays a clock, allows to switch from night-and-day mode to continuous daylight and to tweak game speed. Also adds a Clock Combinator item to have access to time variables through the logistic network.

Big Bags

This mod increases the size of all your bags (inventory, toolbelt, logistics slots, trash slots, robot storage...).

Afraid Of The Dark

Night is too dark for you ? Enforced personal lights, powerful balloon lights or a pair of natural tinted night glasses could be the solution !

Water Well

Adds a water well pump, to pump fresh water from the underground (also called the groundwater table).


Eyes in the sky ! Monitor and pilot your factory with your smartphone. (or a way to have several cameras all around the map to give you alternate views and control on your factory)

Score Extended

Extension to original rocket score window. Display number of rockets and averages. Autohide the window after a delay. Autolaunch option.

Extra Trash Slots

Adds more slots to the logistics trash. Useful for getting rid of artifacts or wood from your inventory. Or extra space.


A locomotive that places rails, signals and poles while driving.
- places rails, signals, electric poles, concrete,.. while driving
- customizable placement of poles, multiple parallel tracks, lamps, turrets etc. with blueprints
- removes trees and stone rocks that are in the way (and adds 1 raw wood per tree to cargo)
- place rails on water if the train has concrete loaded
connects poles with red/green wires


Define a challenge on a chosen map and try to complete it as fast as you can, or in a limited time. Publish it on the factorio forum (section Maps and Scenarios) to challenge other players, and see if someone can beat your personal record... ;)


Are you tired of having useless burner mining drills and furnaces lying around? Ever wanted to repurpose them? Now you can with Upgrade!
A simple little script mod that adds recipes to create more advanced entities using precursor technology entities, similar to how inserters and assembling machines work. This mod can be used on loaded saves as well.

Mini Roboports

Not enough space for a Roboport? Have a small outpost and don't need all that extra coverage? Just want something tiny? Mini Roboports will do just that. Takes half the resources to make in half the space.

Auto Request to Logistic Chest Requester

The Requester Chest, it automatically calls the items that the assembly machine need to build, depending on the chosen multiplier (1-10).

Better Vehicle Control

This mod make controlling a vehicle easier.
Firstly, the vehicle you are in would adjust his orientation when you are near a straight or diagonal orientation, then if you are in a straight orientation, it would adjust his position to fit rail grid.

Ground Printer

A printer to display larg texts and graphics on the ground. A handy way to personalize your map!

Peace And Prosperity

- Adds a toggle for peaceful mode (enemies dont attack)
- Also allows you to create 4x4 patches of resources.
- Can delete patches around player to clean up an area quickly
- Can be minimized to a small 16x16 icon on LEFT side of screen
- Support for 3rd party resource mods (at the very least BOBS)
github repo includes screenshots and video.

KeepInv (Keep Inventory on Death!)

Lets you keep your inventory on death in multiplayer games. However to balance things, you lose items in your quickbar and guns. (I might add option to select which to keep)
Code is BETA, I did not try to do anything unexpected. I only tested normal gameplay with 3 people. If you can find bugs, post them in the forums or on github.

Electric Void

Adds an electric void, i.e. a huge accumulator that just consumes electricity and tends to equilibrate production and consumption (useful for testing power plants at their optimal output).

Logistics Signs

This mod aims to make your logistics networks more easible to maintain. By allowing player to make signs.