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Eyes in the sky ! Monitor and pilot your factory with your smartphone. (or a way to have several cameras all around the map to give you alternate views and control on your factory)

Personal Teleporter

Lets you craft a Personal Teleporter Equipment that goes into your Power Armor and allows you to Teleport around your base where you have put Teleporter Beacons. Take a look at the screen shots.

Ground Printer

A printer to display larg texts and graphics on the ground. A handy way to personalize your map!

Decorations 0.1.0

Got too much iron, copper, steel or stone-bricks?
Already researched everything you are able to with sience pack x but didn't upgrade your sience pack factory yet?

With THIS mod YOU can put YOUR useless shit into MORE useless shit! :D

No but seriously. If you got too much resources and don't know what to do with them you can craft some decorations (only statues in this version) to get rid of them and to make your world a better one to live in.

Bob's mods - Library

This mod adds a lot of new functions to the game. They are used by many of my mods, and can easily be used by other mods too.

This mod is required by most of the Bob's mods series of mods.


Makes some minor changes to vanilla:
- prevent construction bots from going to the toolbar (default on)
- prevent construction bots from being mined (default on)
- mining construction bots returns the materials instead (default off)
- change default request amount for requester chests/slots (default off)
- change how many items are requested when copying from assembler to requester chest (default off)
- add radar mk2 with doubled radius and 4x scanning speed/power usage (default off, same graphics as the vanilla one)

Random Stuff

Random Stuff is a mod adding, as the name suggests, random stuff to the game.

SweetFX Mod for better graphics and lightning

All you have to know is here:

Works with all Versions of the Game!


F mod

The F mod is a big mod that contains a lot of new stuff.