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Now you can control alien brains ! And force them to fight for you ! Well at least some of them, and for a limited time...

EMP Biters

Many mods give the player a whole host of new weapons and defenses to play with, but the poor biters are left behind. It's time they received an upgrade!
Now, large biters have a chance to give off an EMP blast when they die, temporarily disabling nearby turrets, radars, and logistic & construction robots. Large spitters also have a chance to EMP with their spit.
The larger the enemy and the higher the evolution factor, the bigger the chance of EMP is.
Gun turrets are only disabled by EMP for half as long as laser turrets, to encourage using mixed defenses.
Big Worms have a high chance to cause a large EMP blast with their spit, to make turret creep more challenging.
This mod also supports Bob's Enemies, Dytech War, and Natural Evolution Enemies.

Death Warmed Over

This mod adds flame tanks and flame turrets into the game!
Warning: do not look directly into active nozzle.

Constructive criticisms welcome! This is my first Factorio mod, with plans in the works to expand this one with more military options!

Displaying range of turrets

- Adds a new technology called "turrets range probing" (requires electronics and turrets)
- Adds a new item, "turret probe" with recipe unlocked by this technology

Turret range/armor upgrades

This mod adds 5 researches for range, 5 researches for health and 3 upgrades for armor giving the gun turret 17-22 range, 200-450 health and 0/0%, 0/10%, 1/20%, 2/30% physical and impact resistance.
It's probably not balanced correctly, as it's mostly a proof of concept.

Supreme Warfare

You enjoy playing Factorio but you feel something is missing? I say you need bigger guns!
The first iteration of Supreme Warfare gives you four artillery cannons to play around.

Fort mod

This is a small mod aimed at adding a bit more defensive buildings.

It introduces 4 3 level tech lines for variants of gun and laser towers. Reinforced walls and gates are also added.

Flame Turrets

Why Flame Turrets? Gun Turrets are a good jack of all trades, and they don't need power to boot. Laser Turrets are good at range, but require power. Flame Turrets don't require power, yet will eradicate any hostiles brave (or stupid) enough to get close. One, ten, or a hundred, the flames will bath over them and reduce them to ash.


The mod is based on "hardcorio v0.3.5", thank you guys for the idea and momentum.

My task was to rebalance the game so that I was playing it enjoyable, I was not satisfied with the standard requirements of technology, the ability to gather steam generator of the two sticks and a piece of iron as well as half of the same enemy that differ only in size and color attackers once in 10 years and that if lucky.

Tower Defense

- Build a maze out of walls and turrets to keep biters that are spawning in waves and possibly multiple positions from reaching a valuable target
- Campaign including a tutorial and three maps. Making new maps shouldn't be too hard
- Four different, unlockable turrets
- Simplified crafting recipies. You get to manage a small base for resources but are mostly busy building a maze
- Decide what to spend your mining efforts on: money for turrets, stone for walls or coffee for science

Utilities n' More

Adds a few things that are missing from vanilla and other mods either don't do anything with or do not handle well.