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Category: Transportation
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Left-Right Load Balancer

Balances the left and the right side of a transport belt by taking items alternately left and right from the input belt. If one side is empty it will be skipped. Output goes the same: one left and one right, if one side is blocked it will be skipped.

Known Issues:
-Splitter signals that it needs electricity but also works without it
-Transport belts are getting rendered above the splitter

Big Bags

This mod increases the size of all your bags (inventory, toolbelt, logistics slots, trash slots, robot storage...).

Cargo Rocket

Use your rockets as a cargo to quickly send a payload to a distant outpost.

Rail Tanker

Allows you to create a tanker wagon for the railway network to transport liquids by train

Bullet Bill Train

This is a very simple mod that offers an alternative to the diesel
locomotive. This "bullet train" accelerates and decelerates faster
than a standard locomotive, and has a slightly higher top speed.
It also burns through fuel twice as fast.

It's intended to make crossing the tracks on a yellow signal that
little bit more terrifying. After all, if your base isn't trying
to kill you, you've done something wrong.

(3D model acquired under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 licence, see readme file for details.)

Logistics Railway

This mod allows you to load/unload your trains using your logistics robots! You don't need to change your trains at all -- simply replace some of your normal rail segments with one of the types of special Logistics Rails and any cargo wagon that stops on those rails will be automagically converted into a Logistics Wagon of the associated type. Then you can remove your inserters and chest and use only bots! For example: If a wagon stops on top a Passive Provider rail, then its contents will be provided directly to the logistics network just like a passive provider chest.

Super Tank

Adds a boosted customisable version of the original Tank, with boosted ammos.

Shuttle Train

This mod adds a shuttle train, designed specifically for transporting you around your ever expanding base. With a handy GUI to make the process a breeze.

VanillaEx (Vehicles, Defense, Energy & More!)

This mod is mainly focused on vanilla aspects, especially offense/defense and solar energy.
I take balance very seriously. Everything in this mod was carefully edited to be as balanced as possible for an authentic vanilla feel.
If something feels out of place, please leave a comment.

Most of the current content adds to the Mid-Game, I will add early-game content soon.

What this mod adds:
4 types of walls + 3 more types of gates. (Iron, Concrete, Plastic, Composite)
2 Advanced solar panels + advanced energy accumulator
7 types of vehicles
9 new types of tank shells
3 new ammo types
3 new guns
Finally 12 new techs to research in order to unlock these advanced items.


Makes your trains a little bit smarter
Adds trainlines (to easily manage multiple trains with the same shedule), trainstops that can connect to the circuit network, full/empty rules and more.
See the forums for an indepth explanation of how stuff works


This mod adds asphalt to your game, so you can create roads and custumizar your world soon will create bridges too.

Note: I am Brazilian, and that's the mod language. (Have other languages as well)

More Rails Per Craft Cycle

Simply makes it so you get 20 rails per craft cycle. Affects straight and curved rails.

Staff of teleportation

Allows you to craft a staff of teleportation. Zoom around your base easily.


Cursed Underground Transport

No one likes a train crashing you, no one divide the factory just for a train, with this mod you can put the train under the factory! :D

Flying Boots

Are pesky pipes and machines always getting in your way? You need a pair of Flying Boots©™®. NOTHING will ever stand in your way again!

This Simply Adds a button that lets you fly. There is no cost or research yet, but I am looking into adding them.

Central Boxing

Why another boxing mod?
I tried some other boxing mods before and I decided that I wanted to do them in different way.
Boxing is same as always(50 item per box), but to reuse box you need to gather whole stack of used boxes(100).
Also making one box is not that cheap(13 iron and 1 raw wood) and it takes long time.


The main focus of this mod was to add a way to manage and control trailers for vehicles to factorio, although there is a stock trailer provided it should be a simple matter for other modders to create trailers and simply link in this interface to control them.