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Introducing HD textures into factorio!
Replaces most (Soon all) of factorios textures with HD resolution textures.

This game is so dark!

I always were wondering why someone would make a game this dark. I can understand that it is by intention because of reasons, but I personally even nearly would not have bought this game just because of its (imo bad) graphics.
So I modified the terrain with paint.net in a hour and came up with this. If you are the same opinion, you now have a chance of a very friendly looking Factorio.

Just download the rar and rename the old terrain folder for recovery reasons in the graphics directory of Factorio and extract the new terrain folder at it's place...

Updated Graphics

This mod update some graphics to official and unofficial fancier graphics.

It uses a texture pack toolkit I've made which permit to update all use of specific graphics without knowing where they're used.


The mod is based on "hardcorio v0.3.5", thank you guys for the idea and momentum.

My task was to rebalance the game so that I was playing it enjoyable, I was not satisfied with the standard requirements of technology, the ability to gather steam generator of the two sticks and a piece of iron as well as half of the same enemy that differ only in size and color attackers once in 10 years and that if lucky.