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Category: Overhaul
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This mod depends on mojo-resource-processing. It makes use of the added ores and metal products. It changed a lot of recipes to use the new materials, but tries to stay true to the real vanilla experience.

Tree house

New kind of Tree house and tree workers, produce trees and charcoal. Tree house is a logistic provider container, so you can use logistic robot to get the raw-wood from the house. Tree plant in different lands have different effects, I suggest that you plant in the grass.

5dim mod

5dimĀ“s mod is a total conversion mod with tons of new features and graphics. This mod is divided in modules that you can download separately from factorio forum

Compressed Materials

This is a mod for those of you who would like to carry around 1000 iron plates. WELL NOW YOU CAN! With compressor you are able to craft compressed versions of, Iron, Copper, Coal, Stone, wood and more!
these turn 100 items into 1 item. Meaning if you carry around the full stack of 100 compressed items then you are really carrying around 10,000 items!
If you need iron you can either uncompress items one at a time, or if you just start crafting your inventory will automatically uncompress them as it is needed!
You will need to extract the file to get it to work

future update information will be on forums
0.1.4, changed recipes, disabled tech
0.1.4, fixed a few autocrafting issues
0.1.3, added many new items and disabled technologies.


- long reach
- increased some stack sizes
- tech robot speed
- tech robot cargo size
- tech laser turret damage
- tech laser turret speed
- tech lab research speed
- when an enemy dies there is a chance it drops (an) alien artifact(s)
- (un)barrel every fluid and gas
- infinite health
- faster movement
- less dark
- bigger inventory: 160
- default mining speed is slightly increased
-- every new player gets 1 power box (13GW), not craftable.

added items:
- faster inserter
- faster smart inserter
- better roboport: more range, more recharge power, more recharge slots
- parquet flooring: slows down movement speed by 30% (handy when using alot of speed boots while walking your factory)
- pollution generator
- speedboots: 5 x exo cost and spec
- reactor: 10 x cost and spec
- personal roboport: 5 x cost and spec
- stronger laser turret: 2 x range, 2 x base damage, 1/2 cooldown
- faster train
- all/most factories have improved versions: M1 -> M5

Crafting Equipment

Gives you modular equipment that allows for faster manual crafting and unlocks certain crafting recipes.

Cursed Exp

Adds experience, talents and blood handling to Factorio.


The aim of this mod is to is to add new options at each of the points in the game incrementally. To that end a lot of base game stuff has been changed. You will find many new recipes and techs that gradually increase the quality of your items.


The mod is based on "hardcorio v0.3.5", thank you guys for the idea and momentum.

My task was to rebalance the game so that I was playing it enjoyable, I was not satisfied with the standard requirements of technology, the ability to gather steam generator of the two sticks and a piece of iron as well as half of the same enemy that differ only in size and color attackers once in 10 years and that if lucky.


A mod that extends some machines of the base game, but adds a lot more then that. DyTech is an Endgame mod! And VERY Hard with the newly added Biters!

F mod

The F mod is a big mod that contains a lot of new stuff.


Vanilla Plus

This mod is a rebalance of the base game to make content more meaningful. Look forum for download and more details.


Vanilla Plus

This mod improves gameplay and balance of the base game while maintaining its original flavour.
Though there is additional content, the main focus is on rebalancing so every aspect of it becomes more meaningful and interesting.
For more details and a change list, follow the forum link.