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Category: Resources
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Alien Artifact Loot

To make collection of Alien Artifacts easier, this mod makes alien units randomly drop them upon death.

Smart Display

Adds an item that can display numbers from the circuit network, with several formating options.

Water Well

Adds a water well pump, to pump fresh water from the underground (also called the groundwater table).

Mining Tools

Tools to speed your mining, and provide new resources.

CMHMod (My take on balancing Bob's Mods)

Just my take on Bob's Mods.

Upgraded the rocket requirements. Now requires most (if not all) of Bob's highest tier stuff and metals. Solar Panels mk3, accumulators mk3, cobalt steel, tungsten, and even god-modules. No more finishing the game in 4 hours (Yes, its a challenge!)

Removes zinc and gold ore fields, but includes a couple of recipes to get them!

Adds some alternative recipes (while leaving the originals available still*), giving you a logistics/balancing challenge: use a faster recipe with higher yields, or the simpler recipe? ¿porqué no los dos?

Latest Version adds Sodium Hydroxide requirement for crude oil processing and coal processing to increase Sodium Hydroxide uses. Liquid versions available too for variety.

More changes may still be added. Feedback/suggestions appreciated.

*crude oil recipe changed - Bob's recipe unavailable with this mod.

BOR - Better Ore Refinement

Adds a new and better method of processing ore which increases your plate production by 50%. It requires you to first wash the ore and make it into a bloom by heating it, then melt it down to a liquid and cast it into plates.

real wood for bob

Completely removes synthetic wood and any recipes that require it (since they are all redundant with wood recipes), and changes recipes that yield synthetic wood to give wood instead. Will convert all in-game synthetic wood to wood if you add this mod in the middle of a game.

Requires bob's library. Very lightly tested (works on my save), let me know of any problems or incompatibilities with other mods.

Charcoal Mod

Adds charcoal to the game. Achived by smelting a piece of raw wood. Charcoal lasts as long as coal.

Item costs and productivity module changes

u can insert the productivity module in the module station for example
item costs vor advanced circuit and prossesing unit are reduced


any suggestions, ideas or wishes?
pls leave a comment below

this is my first mod pls dont hate me for some mistakes

have fun with it :)

HardCrafting - complex resource processing

This mod changes the mining of iron and copper. You will have to build bigger and more clever setups to get the iron/copper plates you are used to.
Be aware that mining iron fields will not only return iron-ore but also dirt, gravel and iron-nuggets. The same goes for copper.

Use the newly introduced machines (Crusher, Pulverizer) to get the best out of the ore you are mining. Use Inscinerators to get rid of items that you will accumulate and never use.

Check out the spotlight by FKOD Gaming: Spotlight on Youtube

Tree house

New kind of Tree house and tree workers, produce trees and charcoal. Tree house is a logistic provider container, so you can use logistic robot to get the raw-wood from the house. Tree plant in different lands have different effects, I suggest that you plant in the grass.

It's Scientific! - A resource mod

This mod adds two new metals (lead and gold) and several new fluids (nitrogen, oxygen, and argon, all derived from compressed air, as well as nitric acid). It also adds a process to double your ore production, though at a steep cost in complexity and energy.

Alien Technology - Squishalot

Currently This mod only adds a recipe for Alien Artifacts, but will hopefully add controlled biter spawners that cannot break your machinery.

Cheaper rail and concrete

Multiplies the production of rails by 5 and concrete by 10.

5dim mod

5dim´s mod is a total conversion mod with tons of new features and graphics. This mod is divided in modules that you can download separately from factorio forum

Peace And Prosperity

- Adds a toggle for peaceful mode (enemies dont attack)
- Also allows you to create 4x4 patches of resources.
- Can delete patches around player to clean up an area quickly
- Can be minimized to a small 16x16 icon on LEFT side of screen
- Support for 3rd party resource mods (at the very least BOBS)
github repo includes screenshots and video.

Bob's mods - Metals, Chemicals and Intermediates

This is the foundation mod of the Bob's mods series. The primary purpose is to add a relatively realistic method of refining the new ores found in the Bob's mods - ores. To do this it adds several additional chemicals, intermediates, and machines.
Bob's mods - Library is required to run this mod.

Crafted Artifacts

This mod adds a recipe for crafting alien artifacts from a new resource, rare earth. It is intended to allow production of science packs for players who want to play peacefully.
Rare earth is processed in a chemical plant (with copper and sulfuric acid) to make superconductors, which are crafted into superconducting wire, which is combined with processing units to craft alien artifacts.

Burn The Wood Advanced

Adds a Woodburner Manufacturing Unit wich burn wood in to coal and the recipes inspired by Burn the wood from enkindle and the burner manufacturing unit from Klonan and Laige

i add a new recipe category, which works only with my Woodburner Unit.
With this recipe its possible to use raw wood as a fuel and raw material.