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Category: Oil
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Mining Tools

Tools to speed your mining, and provide new resources.

Rail Tanker

Allows you to create a tanker wagon for the railway network to transport liquids by train

Wreckage Pollution

Destroyed entities that leave behind remnants will cause some immediate pollution to be created. Mined or destroyed entities that contained non-water fluids will spawn a chemical spill that will cause ongoing pollution for a few minutes (more and longer for bigger spills).

Bergius Process

This mod adds research and recipes as following:

Coal Liquefaction - Turns Coal & Hydrogen Gas into Liquefied Coal
Bergius process - Refines Heavy oil & Liquefied Coal into Heavy oil, Light oil and Petroleum Gas

5dim mod

5dimĀ“s mod is a total conversion mod with tons of new features and graphics. This mod is divided in modules that you can download separately from factorio forum

Flare Stack

Adds flare stack, gas vent and incinerator, allowing automated destruction of unwanted/excess solids, liquids and gases. All the flame- and smoke-belching chimneys you'll ever need.

Specialized oil refineries (not 3 at once)


I experienced and read too much about factories becoming a mess once oil needed to be processed. The hassle of keeping a balanced oil circuit due to 3 products leaving the refineries at once (or not at all) is just not that much fun for some of us.

This mod introduces 1 new type of refinery, a specialized one. It has to be researched which you are allowed straight after researching oil. It also introduces 3 new recipes, specialized in a single type of crude oil processing. The output is the same for all 3 outlets; a single product.

Water + Crude oil -> Petroleum
Water + Crude oil -> Heavy oil
Water + Crude oil -> Light oil

Additional Oil Refineries

This mod adds two upgrades to Oil Refinery.
MK2 is 50% faster than the standard Oil Refinery and MK3 is 100% faster.

Recipe costs vary if you have Bob's Mod, Marathon Mod or both enabled.

GDIW - Gah!DarnItWater!

a Factorio mod for those people who keep getting annoyed at water....

Now with Bobs Crude Oil Support!

Check Valve

This mod is obsolete, please see http://www.factoriomods.com/mods/rotatable-pipes

This mod adds a check valve, also known as a non-return valve. It is effectively a one-way pipe. This valve has connections for circuit wires and can output its fluid level.
The valve is crafted from one pipe and one steel plate, and the recipe unlocked by researching Fluid Processing, as with pumps and storage tanks.


- long reach
- increased some stack sizes
- tech robot speed
- tech robot cargo size
- tech laser turret damage
- tech laser turret speed
- tech lab research speed
- when an enemy dies there is a chance it drops (an) alien artifact(s)
- (un)barrel every fluid and gas
- infinite health
- faster movement
- less dark
- bigger inventory: 160
- default mining speed is slightly increased
-- every new player gets 1 power box (13GW), not craftable.

added items:
- faster inserter
- faster smart inserter
- better roboport: more range, more recharge power, more recharge slots
- parquet flooring: slows down movement speed by 30% (handy when using alot of speed boots while walking your factory)
- pollution generator
- speedboots: 5 x exo cost and spec
- reactor: 10 x cost and spec
- personal roboport: 5 x cost and spec
- stronger laser turret: 2 x range, 2 x base damage, 1/2 cooldown
- faster train
- all/most factories have improved versions: M1 -> M5

Oil Steam Boiler

For the alternate production of hot fluids for use in steam engines, an exiting new product has been rushed onto the market, engineered to the highest degree of minimum safety requirements and with an innovative 'corner cutting' smooth design, the Klonan-Korporation is proud to introduce the Oil Steam Boiler!

Rail Tanker

Allows you to create a tanker wagon for the railway network to transport liquids by train

Fluid Void

This is a tiny mod that adds a single item: the Phantom Pipe. It erases any fluid that enters it every 5~ seconds or so.


Longer versions of vanilla items. 6 additional underground belts. 4 additional underground pipes. New electric pole. New substation.


NARMod is a mod for Factorio that aims to be a standalone mod to create a great Factorio experience for the experienced player.
Its target audience is those players who feel they have fully experienced vanilla Factorio and are craving to have the challenge and complexity of the game increased from the building/crafting side.
NARMod is enormously complex... probably roughly a three or four-fold increase in complexity from the vanilla experience.
It is not for everyone.
NARMod is a mod that changes the contruction and crafting aspects of the game only. Enemies and combat are not altered in any way.


Welcome to Stage Extraterrestrial Developement Industries. New materials without adding new ores
- Stone is now more important.
- Ore processing: ore(chem.plant)->sludge(chem.plant)->compound(blast furnace)->products.
- Changes to various vanilla recipes to use new materials.
- Aliens drop Organic samples, needed to create a (toxic) fluid for more efficient ore processing.
- Spitter spawner have a rare chance to drop eggs (Needed for crafting the Acid Plant).

N.Tech Chemistry

This mod adds (realistic) chemical processes, intermediates, fluids and more.

Current features:
- Sulfur processing chain
- Rocket fuel processing chain
- Barrel handling for all liquids

Long-Range Missile Launcher

Missiles are a late game weapon. They are intentionally difficult to mass produce. They have 100 range, do 180 explosion damage with 7 blast radius.

Smart Circuit Systems

Mod for factorio that (currently) adds six items, all capable of interacting with the circuit network:
- A device that can switch most machines on or off on a wire condition.
- A wire switcher that works on a wire condition.
- A sensor for the contents of a pipe.
- A sensor for the charge of an accumulator.
- An electric pulse sensor, which detects the instant the connected power network switches from charging to discharging, and vice versa.
- A sensor for items lying on the ground and the contents of nearby (primitive) inventories.