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Category: Mining
Factorio version: Any (default)
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Water Well

Adds a water well pump, to pump fresh water from the underground (also called the groundwater table).

Mining Tools

Tools to speed your mining, and provide new resources.


Are you tired of having useless burner mining drills and furnaces lying around? Ever wanted to repurpose them? Now you can with Upgrade!
A simple little script mod that adds recipes to create more advanced entities using precursor technology entities, similar to how inserters and assembling machines work. This mod can be used on loaded saves as well.

Robot Mining Site

This mod adds buildings which delegates special mining robots to mine ressources in nearby areas. Depending on the building the area is 10x10 up to 40x40.

Two new technologies: Robot mining site, Large robot mining sites
Robot mining site is a 3x3 building which itself is a passive provider chest, and spawns a mining roboport and a logistics decider
Mining robots have to be produced separately
Logistics decider can be used to deactivate automatic mining for robot mining site
3 technologies to improve mining robot speed from +40% up to +120% speed
Partly supporting infinite ore (mined at 33% yield at all times, due to missing factorio modding interface)

Double Furnace

Mod that adds a Double Furnace to Factorio. A double furnace smelts iron ore directly to steel plates.

Beacon MK

Better Beacon, smaller so better placable in alembly line, biger area of effect, more modul slot more efficient.
Use if want if not do not critic.

Faster Entity Mining

Just a quick, small mod that changes the mining time of most (hopefully all) objects in the game, with the exception of ores and trees. Wrote it because trying to remove a long (or even short) railroad track takes forever in vanilla. The mod also contains a blank sound file for when you mine bricks. Mining bricks super-fast made a really loud, annoying sound. Not sure about concrete, as I don't use it. If that's annoying also, let me know and I can replace it.

No Hand Mining

This mods change the gameplay to force you to use mining-drills by making you not able to mine resources by hand.
You are still able to cut down trees and remove machines.


Converts a 2 x 2 or 4 x 4 tile area to land.
Flood-fills bodies of water using landfills from your inventory.
Can be placed by clicking and dragging.
Create small water holes using explosions.

Bucket Wheel Excavator

It is about the size of 10 basic mining drills, but mines 14 times faster than 1 basic mininig drill.
It creates quite alot of pollution since for one, it doesn't use water to "clean" the air of particles that comes as a result of mining(atleast thats what they do in real life)

Underground Mining Drills

Adds underground versions of surface resources; plays nicely with mods that add resources, as well as RSO.
Underground resources are accessible only by the underground mining drill, and work like oil in that they lose richness (chance to produce) but eventually reach a minimum value. Underground mining also has a chance to bring up stone instead of the desired resource.

Balanced Better Drills

Adds a few mining drills, without departing too far from vanilla (the fastest drill is roughly twice as fast).


It adds Burner versions of different buildings to the game.

Mining Drill & Better ore storage

You always thought the basic mining drill is to slow? me too !
This Mod adds 5 new tiers of the mining drill, increasing its speed and area of effect.

Ore processing

This mod adds 4 machines, which give ore bonuses(like productivity modules on machines). It also gives a fifth machine, but about that later. All those machines give bonuses only for iron and copper.
The first technology(advanced material processing 3) unlocks 2 machines - Pulverizer and ore washing plant.


Introduces a new form of endgame mining and power production that is massively polluting, but can provide a steady source of materials and power. Uses the impressive heat resistance of alien artifacts to the players advantage. The player needs to deal with the vast quantities of waste stone this mod will create.

Minable Corpses

I created a little mod because the junk from destroyed things annoys me. So with this mod you will be able to mine those "corpses".

Loot-able Rocks

This is a simple mod that makes "Rocks" drop stone when you kill them.