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The main component is the Super Assembling Machine. All new recipes can be made only there. S.A.M. has 8 module slots and up to 8 ingredients. It can process both solid and liquid ingredients. Furthermore, I've thought of the Sam-circuit. Each new recipe which is prepared in a SAM, needs this as a catalyst.

The main recipes for research and development have been implemented yet.
3. Party Mods are not supported yet, I have to adjust each recipe individually.

Only articles are made, which can be also provided in the normal Assembling Maschines. The chemical plant is not yet supported. However, this is still on my to-do list.

Caution in Version 0.2.1 you can not research logisti-robotics and S.A.M. at the same time. You must choose between this technologys.

Version 0.3.0 only for Factorio 0.13.X
added the Chemplant version of S.A.M.
Remove Decisione between S.A.M. and Logistic Robots.
Version 0.3.0 ist early Beta, please report any Bugs

Faster Machines

Adds 1 new Transport Belt, 3 new Assembling Machine, 3 new Mining Drill, 3 new Electric Furnace. Factorio 0.13.1

CMHMod (My take on balancing Bob's Mods)

Just my take on Bob's Mods.

Upgraded the rocket requirements. Now requires most (if not all) of Bob's highest tier stuff and metals. Solar Panels mk3, accumulators mk3, cobalt steel, tungsten, and even god-modules. No more finishing the game in 4 hours (Yes, its a challenge!)

Removes zinc and gold ore fields, but includes a couple of recipes to get them!

Adds some alternative recipes (while leaving the originals available still*), giving you a logistics/balancing challenge: use a faster recipe with higher yields, or the simpler recipe? ¿porqué no los dos?

Latest Version adds Sodium Hydroxide requirement for crude oil processing and coal processing to increase Sodium Hydroxide uses. Liquid versions available too for variety.

More changes may still be added. Feedback/suggestions appreciated.

*crude oil recipe changed - Bob's recipe unavailable with this mod.

BOR - Better Ore Refinement

Adds a new and better method of processing ore which increases your plate production by 50%. It requires you to first wash the ore and make it into a bloom by heating it, then melt it down to a liquid and cast it into plates.

Item costs and productivity module changes

u can insert the productivity module in the module station for example
item costs vor advanced circuit and prossesing unit are reduced


any suggestions, ideas or wishes?
pls leave a comment below

this is my first mod pls dont hate me for some mistakes

have fun with it :)

Tree house

New kind of Tree house and tree workers, produce trees and charcoal. Tree house is a logistic provider container, so you can use logistic robot to get the raw-wood from the house. Tree plant in different lands have different effects, I suggest that you plant in the grass.

Depth mod

the concept of this mod is the production on a large scale

Its my first mod

Bob's mods - Metals, Chemicals and Intermediates

This is the foundation mod of the Bob's mods series. The primary purpose is to add a relatively realistic method of refining the new ores found in the Bob's mods - ores. To do this it adds several additional chemicals, intermediates, and machines.
Bob's mods - Library is required to run this mod.

Electric Furnaces

This mod adds electric versions of the stone and steel furnaces, as well as advanced versions of the existing electric furnace, unlocked with new research.

Beacon MK

Better Beacon, smaller so better placable in alembly line, biger area of effect, more modul slot more efficient.
Use if want if not do not critic.

Burn The Wood Advanced

Adds a Woodburner Manufacturing Unit wich burn wood in to coal and the recipes inspired by Burn the wood from enkindle and the burner manufacturing unit from Klonan and Laige

i add a new recipe category, which works only with my Woodburner Unit.
With this recipe its possible to use raw wood as a fuel and raw material.

Specialized oil refineries (not 3 at once)


I experienced and read too much about factories becoming a mess once oil needed to be processed. The hassle of keeping a balanced oil circuit due to 3 products leaving the refineries at once (or not at all) is just not that much fun for some of us.

This mod introduces 1 new type of refinery, a specialized one. It has to be researched which you are allowed straight after researching oil. It also introduces 3 new recipes, specialized in a single type of crude oil processing. The output is the same for all 3 outlets; a single product.

Water + Crude oil -> Petroleum
Water + Crude oil -> Heavy oil
Water + Crude oil -> Light oil

NotEnoughStuff main-mod

This mod adds all the stuff that you definitely necessarily always wanted and needed in your factory.

But seriously this mod just adds fun stuff.

Additional Oil Refineries

This mod adds two upgrades to Oil Refinery.
MK2 is 50% faster than the standard Oil Refinery and MK3 is 100% faster.

Recipe costs vary if you have Bob's Mod, Marathon Mod or both enabled.


You should probably automate more things. With Stamina, hand-crafting stuff will slowly drain health, at a rate of 1 health per second. The vanilla player's max health is 100, so you might want to rethink hand crafting that level 3 module...

Mining (which includes chopping trees as well as picking up placed buildings) also drains health, at the same rate - and they stack, so mining while crafting will drain 2 health/second. Running causes you to regen health slower (but will not penalize crafting stamina drain any further, as in versions pre-0.2.1).

This encourages the use of automation (and gives an early game reason to eat fish, as you craft your first few science packs...) and foresight, as well as providing a minor incentive to use vehicles and paving.


The story of Factorio tells, that the character has to prepare an alien planet for the colonists. But how many planets are Earth-like and at the same time have a human-friendly atmosphere? So this planet has maybe a poisonous atmosphere and we need oxygen to survive.

The mod adds oxygen, oxygen bottles and other stuff to control your oxygen content.

Red Assembling Machine

Add assembling machine that is red

Assembly Zero

An assembly machine zero is a smaller (1x1 instead of 3x3) and quicker (crafting speed 1.5) version of an assembly machine 1.

No Hand Crafting

Inspired by the The "No Crafting Challange" Mod, this mods change the gameplay to force you to use assembly machines by making you not able to craft anything by hand.
You start with a burner assembling machine that can do crafts that you previously could craft by hand and powered by coal (until you can get higher tier assembling machines).