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Category: Logistics Network
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Smart Display

Adds an item that can display numbers from the circuit network, with several formating options.

Time Tools

Adds a tiny time toolbar at the top of the UI, that displays a clock, allows to switch from night-and-day mode to continuous daylight and to tweak game speed. Also adds a Clock Combinator item to have access to time variables through the logistic network.

Cargo Rocket

Use your rockets as a cargo to quickly send a payload to a distant outpost.

Extra Trash Slots

Adds more slots to the logistics trash. Useful for getting rid of artifacts or wood from your inventory. Or extra space.


Are you tired of having useless burner mining drills and furnaces lying around? Ever wanted to repurpose them? Now you can with Upgrade!
A simple little script mod that adds recipes to create more advanced entities using precursor technology entities, similar to how inserters and assembling machines work. This mod can be used on loaded saves as well.

Generic Logistic Chest

Allows the player to make a special chest that can be turned into any of the base game logistic chests.

Logistics Railway

This mod allows you to load/unload your trains using your logistics robots! You don't need to change your trains at all -- simply replace some of your normal rail segments with one of the types of special Logistics Rails and any cargo wagon that stops on those rails will be automagically converted into a Logistics Wagon of the associated type. Then you can remove your inserters and chest and use only bots! For example: If a wagon stops on top a Passive Provider rail, then its contents will be provided directly to the logistics network just like a passive provider chest.


Warehousing adds some huge storage to the game by adding 6x6 warehouses that can store up to 800 slots of items in the basic and normal logistics warehouses and up to 2000 slots in the storage warehouse

Blueprint Automated Deployment

Adds new items (the BAD Chest and BAD Anchor) that will automatically deploy blueprints for your construction bots.

Roboport Quick Charge

Tired of waiting on your bots to charge in a larger bot network? This Roboport upgrade is your solution!

See Forum post for complete info.


Sick of having to put dozens of modules in your drills, assemblers, etc. by hand?

Configure ModuleInserter with a setup for machines, mark the area and watch your Pocketbots do the hard work

Advanced Logistics System

Provides a detailed view of your logistics network and the items within it


AutoTrash moves items automatically to your logistics trash slots.


Automatically connects smart inserters to adjacent roboports if they are facing the right direction. Allows your circuits to read the roboports inventory as well as the networks robot counts.

Advanced Logistics System, UPDATE FOR .12

So when i downloaded this mod it was broken because of the .12 update. I went through the code and changed it to work in this update.
This is simply a repost of an updated version so that you don't have to make the changes manually.

More Bots

This mod adds higher tier items related to bots, including construction and logistics bots, roboports and storage chests. The higher tiers of bots are faster and can carry more, the roboports have more slots and a bigger range and the storage chests have more slots, but they are all more expensive.

Ghosts From the Start

Do you rely on ghost (blueprint) placement to help you plan your factory, and are tired of waiting until you've researched all the way down to Automated Construction? Ghosts From the Start starts you out with 1 minute of ghost lifetime (extendable to the normal 5 minutes after you've researched Automated Construction).