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Category: Liquids
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Water Well

Adds a water well pump, to pump fresh water from the underground (also called the groundwater table).

BOR - Better Ore Refinement

Adds a new and better method of processing ore which increases your plate production by 50%. It requires you to first wash the ore and make it into a bloom by heating it, then melt it down to a liquid and cast it into plates.

Rail Tanker

Allows you to create a tanker wagon for the railway network to transport liquids by train

Fast pump

Adds a late-game pump (10x faster)

2x small pump
1x electric engine unit
10x pipe
1x alien artifact

Depth mod

the concept of this mod is the production on a large scale

Its my first mod

5dim mod

5dimĀ“s mod is a total conversion mod with tons of new features and graphics. This mod is divided in modules that you can download separately from factorio forum

Bob's mods - Metals, Chemicals and Intermediates

This is the foundation mod of the Bob's mods series. The primary purpose is to add a relatively realistic method of refining the new ores found in the Bob's mods - ores. To do this it adds several additional chemicals, intermediates, and machines.
Bob's mods - Library is required to run this mod.

Flare Stack

Adds flare stack, gas vent and incinerator, allowing automated destruction of unwanted/excess solids, liquids and gases. All the flame- and smoke-belching chimneys you'll ever need.

Flow Control

This mod adds a one-way valve, an overflow/relief valve, a high-speed pump, and three rotatable pipe shapes that do not connect on all sides.
The valves and pump are unlocked by researching Fluid handling, the pipes have no research requirement.

Formerly named Rotatable Pipes

Surivial Mode

Added food, water and oxygen. Try to survival on unknown planet as realistic!

Specialized oil refineries (not 3 at once)


I experienced and read too much about factories becoming a mess once oil needed to be processed. The hassle of keeping a balanced oil circuit due to 3 products leaving the refineries at once (or not at all) is just not that much fun for some of us.

This mod introduces 1 new type of refinery, a specialized one. It has to be researched which you are allowed straight after researching oil. It also introduces 3 new recipes, specialized in a single type of crude oil processing. The output is the same for all 3 outlets; a single product.

Water + Crude oil -> Petroleum
Water + Crude oil -> Heavy oil
Water + Crude oil -> Light oil


The main objective of Factorio has changed, instead of racing to the Rocket Silo, you must now supply your homeworld with an ever increasing supply of resources. Homeworld also adds a bunch of new machines, production chains and technology. Such features include farms, fisheries, alcohol, building materials, terraformers and more.

New survival mod (terminated)

You may need to concern the oxygen level, food and water level on the game.

The details and picture will be submit later

NotEnoughStuff main-mod

This mod adds all the stuff that you definitely necessarily always wanted and needed in your factory.

But seriously this mod just adds fun stuff.

GDIW - Gah!DarnItWater!

a Factorio mod for those people who keep getting annoyed at water....

Now with Bobs Crude Oil Support!

Check Valve

This mod is obsolete, please see http://www.factoriomods.com/mods/rotatable-pipes

This mod adds a check valve, also known as a non-return valve. It is effectively a one-way pipe. This valve has connections for circuit wires and can output its fluid level.
The valve is crafted from one pipe and one steel plate, and the recipe unlocked by researching Fluid Processing, as with pumps and storage tanks.

Fluid Void

This is a tiny mod that adds a single item: the Phantom Pipe. It erases any fluid that enters it every 5~ seconds or so.

Clean Pipes

This mod allows you to build pipes which connect exactly as you want them to.
Simply craft a (one or two-sided) placer, place them with the arrow pointing towards other pipes and the pipes will connect.