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Category: Light
Factorio version: Any (default)
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Time Tools

Adds a tiny time toolbar at the top of the UI, that displays a clock, allows to switch from night-and-day mode to continuous daylight and to tweak game speed. Also adds a Clock Combinator item to have access to time variables through the logistic network.

Afraid Of The Dark

Night is too dark for you ? Enforced personal lights, powerful balloon lights or a pair of natural tinted night glasses could be the solution !

Flare Stack

Adds flare stack, gas vent and incinerator, allowing automated destruction of unwanted/excess solids, liquids and gases. All the flame- and smoke-belching chimneys you'll ever need.

Concrete Lamppost

Lamppost provides light


Early in the game, it gets dark, its not nice.

A simple Torch! will do handy!

Torches are available from the start of the game, and cost 3 wood, 1 coal.
You can burn the Torches for energy too!
And you can re-fill them if they run out.

More Light

This mod removes the player's flashlight but increases the size and intensity of the light radius around the player.