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More Better Logistics 1.0.0 [12.x.x]

The More Better Logistics mod adds new inserters, belts, and a new weapon. I'm planning on adding other new things like new assembling machines and maybe some other new weapons.

I would have a forum post, but right now I don't really understand how that works.

Depth mod

the concept of this mod is the production on a large scale

Its my first mod


Swift inserter is a mod for Factorio wich adds the SwiftInserter, an upgrade to fast-inserter.

Side Inserters

For each type of inserter (burner/basic/long-handed/fast/smart), this mod adds a left and right variant. Left variants place objects 90 degrees clockwise from the pickup location, right variants 90 degrees anticlockwise.
Crafting a side inserter requires only a single standard inserter of the same type, and mining a side inserter drops the standard version, for maximum flexibility. Side inserter recipes are unlocked alongside the standard versions.

K&L Inserters

Adds re-configurable inserters, in addition to 3 new ones

NotEnoughStuff main-mod

This mod adds all the stuff that you definitely necessarily always wanted and needed in your factory.

But seriously this mod just adds fun stuff.

Side Inserters (Factorio 0.11)

Left- and right-handed versions of each type of inserter in the base game. Sided versions are crafted from the regular versions.

Maintainer: http://www.factorioforums.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=8014


- long reach
- increased some stack sizes
- tech robot speed
- tech robot cargo size
- tech laser turret damage
- tech laser turret speed
- tech lab research speed
- when an enemy dies there is a chance it drops (an) alien artifact(s)
- (un)barrel every fluid and gas
- infinite health
- faster movement
- less dark
- bigger inventory: 160
- default mining speed is slightly increased
-- every new player gets 1 power box (13GW), not craftable.

added items:
- faster inserter
- faster smart inserter
- better roboport: more range, more recharge power, more recharge slots
- parquet flooring: slows down movement speed by 30% (handy when using alot of speed boots while walking your factory)
- pollution generator
- speedboots: 5 x exo cost and spec
- reactor: 10 x cost and spec
- personal roboport: 5 x cost and spec
- stronger laser turret: 2 x range, 2 x base damage, 1/2 cooldown
- faster train
- all/most factories have improved versions: M1 -> M5

Ultra Inserters

Tech Required: Advanced Electronics

This is a lightweight mod that adds a single item (as of now) that is twice as fast as the "Fast Inserter".

1 Fast Inserter
4 Iron Gears
1 Advanced Circuit

Power Consumption:
41kW in use
800W passive drain

Cursed PI

Inserters programables via GUI.

Bucket Wheel Excavator

It is about the size of 10 basic mining drills, but mines 14 times faster than 1 basic mininig drill.
It creates quite alot of pollution since for one, it doesn't use water to "clean" the air of particles that comes as a result of mining(atleast thats what they do in real life)

Filter Inserter

Introducing Filter Inserter which brings back a removed inserter that was replaced by the Smart Inserter.

Fuel Farmer

You fell behind in class, so you were never taught how to interface the electric inserters to the power grid. This mods disables electric inserters.

Smart Inserters

Smart Basic Inserters and Smart Long-handed Inserters.

Smart long inserters

Just what it says on the tin, nothing more. For people who want smart long inserters but not the other stuff from other mods that have them.

Inserter energy balance

Inserter energy usage (per movement) is now based on the speed of operation, as well as the length of the arm. Smart inserters have a passive power drain of 4kW (ten times the normal 400W) to represent their constant monitoring and calculating.

Smart Circuit Systems

Mod for factorio that (currently) adds six items, all capable of interacting with the circuit network:
- A device that can switch most machines on or off on a wire condition.
- A wire switcher that works on a wire condition.
- A sensor for the contents of a pipe.
- A sensor for the charge of an accumulator.
- An electric pulse sensor, which detects the instant the connected power network switches from charging to discharging, and vice versa.
- A sensor for items lying on the ground and the contents of nearby (primitive) inventories.


It adds Burner versions of different buildings to the game.