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Category: Electricity
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Suit Plug

Are you tired of your 4 mk3 personal robo-ports making you run slow? Do you wish you could just plug your suit into the main factory grid so it can charge? Now you can! It should work in multiplayer, but I am unable to test it right now.

Ver 0.0.2:
Suit Plugs now charge all batteries in the suit
Added an inexpensive plug that can contain no power.

Ver 0.0.4:
Fixed crashing in multiplayer when a player dies.
Should now work with multiple persons per player, but only the active person

Curbolt's Solar Mod

This Mod adds a new Technology Tree with 3 new Solar Panels which can be unlocked after Solar energy is researched.

Panel 1 Output: 300KW
Panel 2 Output: 800KW
Panel 3 Output: 2MW

Changelog 1.0.2:
Updated to Factorio 0.13
Fixed Panel 3 Output from GW to MW

Changelog 1.0.1:
Changed ingredients for first Solar Panel (lowered)

Water Well

Adds a water well pump, to pump fresh water from the underground (also called the groundwater table).

Afraid Of The Dark

Night is too dark for you ? Enforced personal lights, powerful balloon lights or a pair of natural tinted night glasses could be the solution !

Capacitors and Batteries (Accumulator mod)

This mod splits accumulators into two types:
Battery Accumulator: slow to charge/discharge but can store a lot of power
Capacitor Accumulator: doesn't store much but can charge/discharge rapidly

Vanilla version is for unmodded gameplay.

Harder energy version has Harder Energy mod incorporated into it and is also meant to be played with Day/Night Extender.

Do not use Harder Energy mod with this mod, as it causes a conflict with accumulators.

Fusion Reactor

As the name suggests, this mod adds a nuclear fusion reactor into the game which provides continuous power from the get-go. The way this works is that when the reactor is crafted, the fuel is crafted into the reactor. This means that it does not require a continuous fuel intake. Whether this is balanced give the ingredients required to craft it, you lot can decide. I will try to update this mod when Factorio updates, if I forget to don't hesitate to send me a PM. The mod doesn't currently have proper textures/animation, see the forum post for more info.

Powered Entities

This mod will create power lines between most of the base game's entities that require power.

Darkstar solar panels.

this mods adds 5 new solar pannels.

VanillaEx (Vehicles, Defense, Energy & More!)

This mod is mainly focused on vanilla aspects, especially offense/defense and solar energy.
I take balance very seriously. Everything in this mod was carefully edited to be as balanced as possible for an authentic vanilla feel.
If something feels out of place, please leave a comment.

Most of the current content adds to the Mid-Game, I will add early-game content soon.

What this mod adds:
4 types of walls + 3 more types of gates. (Iron, Concrete, Plastic, Composite)
2 Advanced solar panels + advanced energy accumulator
7 types of vehicles
9 new types of tank shells
3 new ammo types
3 new guns
Finally 12 new techs to research in order to unlock these advanced items.

Electric Void

Adds an electric void, i.e. a huge accumulator that just consumes electricity and tends to equilibrate production and consumption (useful for testing power plants at their optimal output).

Electric Furnaces

This mod adds electric versions of the stone and steel furnaces, as well as advanced versions of the existing electric furnace, unlocked with new research.

Solar Modules

Adds a MK2 to MK4 Version of the 1x1 Solar Panel Armor Module (Green/Red/Violet).

Compact Solars Updated for 0.12.x

Updated Lime's Compact Power mod to work with version 0.12.x

NotEnoughStuff main-mod

This mod adds all the stuff that you definitely necessarily always wanted and needed in your factory.

But seriously this mod just adds fun stuff.

Better Solar

A mod that adds higher level solar panels. The higher levels have 10x more power production, but are more expensive.

KS Power

This mod is a pack containing 4 power producing mods.

Diesel Generator

Adds a generator for burning oil and straight up producing electricity. It can burn petroleum, light oil and heavy oil. It requires research.