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Category: Enemies
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Alien Artifact Loot

To make collection of Alien Artifacts easier, this mod makes alien units randomly drop them upon death.


Adds catastrophic events and other disasters to the game.


Now you can control alien brains ! And force them to fight for you ! Well at least some of them, and for a limited time...

Artifact Hatch

Alien artifacts are actually alien eggs! Deal with them before they hatch.


Beware the swarm! This mod makes larger biters and spitters fragment into multiple smaller enemies on death. Now, for instance, killing a medium biter means you have to deal with the small biters that spawn from the medium corpse.
Spawners, too, release enemies when they die. Now you have to be more careful when clearing enemy bases, because if the evolution factor is high enough, you might be faced with multiple behemoths appearing for each spawner you kill!


Forces & players management interface for multiplayer gaming and PvP.

Easier Aliens

This mod changes 3 stats for medium, big and behemoth biters and spitters: max health, movement speed and regeneration. Medium aliens health is same as before, but bigger ones were nerfed a bit. Big biter has 4x health of medium, and behemoth 4x of big. So behemoth biter is now 1200, down from 5000. Big biters move a little slower than before, and behemoths slower than big ones. Health regeneration was reduced.

EMP Biters

Many mods give the player a whole host of new weapons and defenses to play with, but the poor biters are left behind. It's time they received an upgrade!
Now, large biters have a chance to give off an EMP blast when they die, temporarily disabling nearby turrets, radars, and logistic & construction robots. Large spitters also have a chance to EMP with their spit.
The larger the enemy and the higher the evolution factor, the bigger the chance of EMP is.
Gun turrets are only disabled by EMP for half as long as laser turrets, to encourage using mixed defenses.
Big Worms have a high chance to cause a large EMP blast with their spit, to make turret creep more challenging.
This mod also supports Bob's Enemies, Dytech War, and Natural Evolution Enemies.

Peace And Prosperity

- Adds a toggle for peaceful mode (enemies dont attack)
- Also allows you to create 4x4 patches of resources.
- Can delete patches around player to clean up an area quickly
- Can be minimized to a small 16x16 icon on LEFT side of screen
- Support for 3rd party resource mods (at the very least BOBS)
github repo includes screenshots and video.

Alien Eggs

A new technology to incubate and hatch alien eggs for your own experiments or vicious pleasure... or both !

Rescaled Evolution Factor

Overwrites the existing evolution factor system with a more dynamic and interative one.

Crafted Artifacts

This mod adds a recipe for crafting alien artifacts from a new resource, rare earth. It is intended to allow production of science packs for players who want to play peacefully.
Rare earth is processed in a chemical plant (with copper and sulfuric acid) to make superconductors, which are crafted into superconducting wire, which is combined with processing units to craft alien artifacts.

Evolution Factor Indicator

Shows you the current biter evolution factor, your play time, the current time of day (rounded to 15 minutes) and the current level of sun/moon light.

Evolution Alien Manipulation

YOU can control your OWN HIVE they will follow you around if you research it. And they will guard attack and basicly are your own personal bodyguards! You can also dismiss them again if wanted! Just convert your hive-controller to off!


Welcome to Stage Extraterrestrial Developement Industries. New materials without adding new ores
- Stone is now more important.
- Ore processing: ore(chem.plant)->sludge(chem.plant)->compound(blast furnace)->products.
- Changes to various vanilla recipes to use new materials.
- Aliens drop Organic samples, needed to create a (toxic) fluid for more efficient ore processing.
- Spitter spawner have a rare chance to drop eggs (Needed for crafting the Acid Plant).

Radar 2.0

Adds three Radar technologies, which unlock improved radar; notably the scouting radar (which explores further) and the tactical radar (which reveals less overall area but stays much more current).

Alien Temple

Adds a researchable alien temple, which reduces alien evolution per time(in lore, it transmits radio waves throughout the air, manipulating alien brain(you evil bastard)).

Peace Mod

This mod completely removes enemies from the game, allowing the player to play the game in a peaceful way. Enemy loot (alien artifacts) can still be acquired from a new alternative source.

Dynamic Expansion

Making use of the expansion settings found in map_settings, I've made the biters spawn new bases a little more often, based on current pollution levels. Hopefully this will keep things a little more interesting, and also encourage static defenses in ALL of your bases.