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Now you can control alien brains ! And force them to fight for you ! Well at least some of them, and for a limited time...

Personal Teleporter

Lets you craft a Personal Teleporter Equipment that goes into your Power Armor and allows you to Teleport around your base where you have put Teleporter Beacons. Take a look at the screen shots.

CMHMod (My take on balancing Bob's Mods)

Just my take on Bob's Mods.

Upgraded the rocket requirements. Now requires most (if not all) of Bob's highest tier stuff and metals. Solar Panels mk3, accumulators mk3, cobalt steel, tungsten, and even god-modules. No more finishing the game in 4 hours (Yes, its a challenge!)

Removes zinc and gold ore fields, but includes a couple of recipes to get them!

Adds some alternative recipes (while leaving the originals available still*), giving you a logistics/balancing challenge: use a faster recipe with higher yields, or the simpler recipe? ¿porqué no los dos?

Latest Version adds Sodium Hydroxide requirement for crude oil processing and coal processing to increase Sodium Hydroxide uses. Liquid versions available too for variety.

More changes may still be added. Feedback/suggestions appreciated.

*crude oil recipe changed - Bob's recipe unavailable with this mod.

Cargo Rocket

Use your rockets as a cargo to quickly send a payload to a distant outpost.

Score Extended

Extension to original rocket score window. Display number of rockets and averages. Autohide the window after a delay. Autolaunch option.

Item costs and productivity module changes

u can insert the productivity module in the module station for example
item costs vor advanced circuit and prossesing unit are reduced


any suggestions, ideas or wishes?
pls leave a comment below

this is my first mod pls dont hate me for some mistakes

have fun with it :)

Orbital Ion Cannon

Do you have a large, late-game megabase and wish there were more cool things you could build? Do you wish you could do more with the rockets you launch than just increment a single number? Do you really hate biters? If so, then this mod is for you!
Build a giant ion cannon and launch it into orbit with a rocket and wait for it to charge up, then you're ready to call down the thunder on those pesky aliens. Simply click anywhere with your targeting device and watch the total annihilation ensue.
(If you've played the Command & Conquer series of games, you're bound to recognize many features similar to GDI Ion Cannons.)
You can click on the button added at the top of the screen to check the status of your ion cannons in orbit.
This mod is aware of Bob's mods and will update its recipes & technology requirements if Bob's Warfare and/or Power mods are installed.
This mod also has options available in config.lua. Here you may adjust many parameters to customize things as you see fit.

Satellite Uplink Station

Remotely view, explore, attack, or (de)construct by using your spy satellites in orbit.


This mod allows players to create and remotely control avatars. Avatars act like players, with a few minor exceptions. The mod includes a few custom entities to create and control the avatars. Also, the mod uses a complete item chain to make the avatars.

High-tech Laser Weaponry

A mod that adds 5 new laser-type weapons to the game

Rescaled Evolution Factor

Overwrites the existing evolution factor system with a more dynamic and interative one.

Double Furnace

Mod that adds a Double Furnace to Factorio. A double furnace smelts iron ore directly to steel plates.

Solar Modules

Adds a MK2 to MK4 Version of the 1x1 Solar Panel Armor Module (Green/Red/Violet).

Blueprint Automated Deployment

Adds new items (the BAD Chest and BAD Anchor) that will automatically deploy blueprints for your construction bots.


The main objective of Factorio has changed, instead of racing to the Rocket Silo, you must now supply your homeworld with an ever increasing supply of resources. Homeworld also adds a bunch of new machines, production chains and technology. Such features include farms, fisheries, alcohol, building materials, terraformers and more.

Assembly Zero

An assembly machine zero is a smaller (1x1 instead of 3x3) and quicker (crafting speed 1.5) version of an assembly machine 1.

Equivalent Exchange

Adds the possibility to create Energy Matter Currency from every item. this "currency" can then be recreated into any item you want!

Cursed Exp

Adds experience, talents and blood handling to Factorio.


NARMod is a mod for Factorio that aims to be a standalone mod to create a great Factorio experience for the experienced player.
Its target audience is those players who feel they have fully experienced vanilla Factorio and are craving to have the challenge and complexity of the game increased from the building/crafting side.
NARMod is enormously complex... probably roughly a three or four-fold increase in complexity from the vanilla experience.
It is not for everyone.
NARMod is a mod that changes the contruction and crafting aspects of the game only. Enemies and combat are not altered in any way.


A mod that extends some machines of the base game, but adds a lot more then that. DyTech is an Endgame mod! And VERY Hard with the newly added Biters!