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Category: Containers
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Big Bags

This mod increases the size of all your bags (inventory, toolbelt, logistics slots, trash slots, robot storage...).

Rail Tanker

Allows you to create a tanker wagon for the railway network to transport liquids by train

Generic Logistic Chest

Allows the player to make a special chest that can be turned into any of the base game logistic chests.

Placement Chest

This mod adds a Placement Chest to the game that will automatically place entities or blueprints that are fed into it. The placement interval and direction that the chests place are both configurable.


Warehousing adds some huge storage to the game by adding 6x6 warehouses that can store up to 800 slots of items in the basic and normal logistics warehouses and up to 2000 slots in the storage warehouse


just a trashcan ... thats it ... I was kind of suprised there was no way to delete items already


I know, there is mod that already adds warehouses, but people with smaller/laptop screens are not able to see complete inventory, so I made this mod which adds smaller warehouses + logistic and smart versions. I am NOT working on better graphics, so feel free to send your creations to spolygon@post.cz

The building itself is 3x3, but can not store more items than 9 steel chests, but has space for 3 inserters on each side. All of this just to keep it balanced ;)

Bigger Steel Containers

Increases the steel chest inventory to compensate for the 8 steel (40 iron total) required to make it versus 32 slots available for the iron chest that requires 8 iron plates (8 iron total)

Rail Tanker

Allows you to create a tanker wagon for the railway network to transport liquids by train

Equalizer chests

This mod will provide 48-slot chests that will 'connect' with their direct neighbours and balance ("equalize") the contents of these chests.

Pneumatic Tubes

Have an outer outpost that needs some types of items every now and then?
No problem just create a pneumatic network to there and have it find the logistic requester chests at the outpost, if it sees an item missing it will automatically request those items from the logistic network the supplying chest is in. Then very quickly it will send the items to the outpost!

Compression Chests

Stores a virtually unlimited number of one item type.
Chest only has one slot.
Takes power to insert and remove items from the chest.

Long Large Chests

Allows you to create a giant chest.


Simple mod that allows the stacking of various materials like iron plates, ores, coal, plastic, etc. through the power of special machines unlocked with each tier of the Logistics research. One need only to add a stacker to their existing transport belt system and give it a stacking recipe to greatly reduce traffic on transport belts and lessen the need for obscene amounts of inserters. Can unstack the items for the sake of crafting, or insert them directly to chests for deep storage!

AeroTech Storage

Pesky inserters loading your trains too slowly? Not enough storage space? AeroTech Storage brings you crates! After doing the requisite research, crates can be loaded and unloaded in assembling machines. Simply set the recipe and supply the machine with a wooden chest and a stack of the item and it will be loaded into the crate. Items that can be loaded into crates currently include wood, ores, and plates.


Cyberchest is a smart chest, addition to an assembling machine that enables whole production chains made with a single machine.
Just build it right next to an assembler, set up the chain, put raw components in and let it do the rest.

Central Boxing

Why another boxing mod?
I tried some other boxing mods before and I decided that I wanted to do them in different way.
Boxing is same as always(50 item per box), but to reuse box you need to gather whole stack of used boxes(100).
Also making one box is not that cheap(13 iron and 1 raw wood) and it takes long time.