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Category: Circuit Network
Factorio version: Any (default)
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Time Tools

Adds a tiny time toolbar at the top of the UI, that displays a clock, allows to switch from night-and-day mode to continuous daylight and to tweak game speed. Also adds a Clock Combinator item to have access to time variables through the logistic network.

Smart Display

Adds an item that can display numbers from the circuit network, with several formating options.

Cargo Rocket

Use your rockets as a cargo to quickly send a payload to a distant outpost.

Belt Combinators

This mod adds one new item, the belt combinator. Place the combinator adjacent to a belt and any items "downstream" from the combinator will be tallied and provided to the circuit network. Belts pointing away from the combinator will count both lanes, belts running alongside the combinator will count just one lane. Either way, the counting will follow the normal path of items through the belt network, which means following just one lane after side loading, both lanes after mixing, etc.

5dim mod

5dim´s mod is a total conversion mod with tons of new features and graphics. This mod is divided in modules that you can download separately from factorio forum


Makes your trains a little bit smarter
Adds trainlines (to easily manage multiple trains with the same shedule), trainstops that can connect to the circuit network, full/empty rules and more.
See the forums for an indepth explanation of how stuff works


Warehousing adds some huge storage to the game by adding 6x6 warehouses that can store up to 800 slots of items in the basic and normal logistics warehouses and up to 2000 slots in the storage warehouse


Automatically connects smart inserters to adjacent roboports if they are facing the right direction. Allows your circuits to read the roboports inventory as well as the networks robot counts.

Check Valve

This mod is obsolete, please see http://www.factoriomods.com/mods/rotatable-pipes

This mod adds a check valve, also known as a non-return valve. It is effectively a one-way pipe. This valve has connections for circuit wires and can output its fluid level.
The valve is crafted from one pipe and one steel plate, and the recipe unlocked by researching Fluid Processing, as with pumps and storage tanks.

Resource Combinator

Adds a combinator that outputs the amount of resources of the field it's placed on.

Lua Combinators

Run a lua script in response to logistic network. Can be used to query and control all in game objects. Basically command blocks for Factorio

Pollution detector

Adds a sensor for pollution in the chunk for hooking it up into the circuit network

Smart Inserters

Smart Basic Inserters and Smart Long-handed Inserters.

Smart Circuit Systems

Mod for factorio that (currently) adds six items, all capable of interacting with the circuit network:
- A device that can switch most machines on or off on a wire condition.
- A wire switcher that works on a wire condition.
- A sensor for the contents of a pipe.
- A sensor for the charge of an accumulator.
- An electric pulse sensor, which detects the instant the connected power network switches from charging to discharging, and vice versa.
- A sensor for items lying on the ground and the contents of nearby (primitive) inventories.

AlphaMod - Advanced Fluid Handling

- New pipes that doesnt change shape according to adjacent piping
- New I-type pipe that have fixed input and output
- Added posibility to "fast-replace" storage tanks without loosing content
- New Output Storage Tank, that let you pump out liquid and remove him
- New Smart Storage Tank, that measuring Amount Tempereture and Percent of fill of him self and directly connected tanks and let u use it for logic circuit
- Added Smart Pump, that pumping only when conditions and filter (if any) are fulfilled
- Added Open Pipe, liquid disposal that generate 2 pollution per liter when liquid isnt water
- Added Open Pito into Water, liquid disposal that generate 1 pollution per liter when liquid isnt water
- Added Electric Boiler that will not allow perpetum mobile or slow down liquid
- Added Liquid Splitter. For open GUI and change values hold mouse over Liquid Splitter for 1.5 sec
In 0.0.8 mod was optimalized and should not cause any major fps drops

Power Switch Mod

This mod adds 3 power-switches to the game.