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Capacitors and Batteries (Accumulator mod)

This mod splits accumulators into two types:
Battery Accumulator: slow to charge/discharge but can store a lot of power
Capacitor Accumulator: doesn't store much but can charge/discharge rapidly

Vanilla version is for unmodded gameplay.

Harder energy version has Harder Energy mod incorporated into it and is also meant to be played with Day/Night Extender.

Do not use Harder Energy mod with this mod, as it causes a conflict with accumulators.


Define a challenge on a chosen map and try to complete it as fast as you can, or in a limited time. Publish it on the factorio forum (section Maps and Scenarios) to challenge other players, and see if someone can beat your personal record... ;)

Belt Overflow

This mod causes full belts to overflow at the end.

If you think factory planning is too easy because you can let belts fill up as buffers, this mod is for you. Belts that fill up at the end will overflow onto the ground, making a mess and wasting your time and/or resources. It gets worse when the overflow starts to spill onto neighboring belts, ruining your production flow.


Forces & players management interface for multiplayer gaming and PvP.

Alien Eggs

A new technology to incubate and hatch alien eggs for your own experiments or vicious pleasure... or both !

Belts Are Broken

Oh noes... The belts have stopped working!!! (This mod deactivates the movement of belts!)

No Hand Crafting

No hand crafting because you have carpal tunnel... (This mod adds 2 starting options to progress and disables all crafting by hand!)

Fuel Farmer

You fell behind in class, so you were never taught how to interface the electric inserters to the power grid. This mods disables electric inserters.

0craft MOD

This is a simple mod which removes the players ability to craft in their inventory and adds a workshop at the start of the game to replace the crafting of necessary items before the assembling machine 1 is researched.


Stamina is a small mod that causes hand crafting items to slowly drain your health. 1 second of crafting costs 1 health (the vanilla player's max health is 100). So you might want to rethink hand crafting that level 3 module...

Reduced building stack sizes

Reduces the stack sizes of many entities based on their sizes.

Tower Defense

- Build a maze out of walls and turrets to keep biters that are spawning in waves and possibly multiple positions from reaching a valuable target
- Campaign including a tutorial and three maps. Making new maps shouldn't be too hard
- Four different, unlockable turrets
- Simplified crafting recipies. You get to manage a small base for resources but are mostly busy building a maze
- Decide what to spend your mining efforts on: money for turrets, stone for walls or coffee for science

AyrAs Basic Kit

This mod removes any sort of manual crafting.

Note: This site does not yet allows 0.13.x as mod selection. This is a 0.13 mod but 0.12 version is available.


This mod adds a a bit more depth to game, as you have to deal with waste products in ore processing.
I tested it for about 10 hours in multiplayer mode. It works great so far.

It adds the following features:
* Ore crusher and pulverizer to process raw ore
* Process by-products (gravel, dirt, slag)
* Removed hand-crafting, added burner assembling machine instead
* Cokery to transform wood to coal
* Water well pump to pump up water even in deserts
* Tree farm that auto seeds and chops down trees
* Terraform: build land on water tiles

Most of the features are copied/adapted from other mods. All credits go to the original creators.

As some/most of the mods weren't updated anymore, or I didn't like the balancing, I adapted them :-D

For maximum fun I recommend following additional mods:
* moweather
* KS_Power
* Single-Splitter
* Smart splitters
* tree_collision
* WaiTex

I hope you have fun. Feedback and contributions are welcome.

two player map - With a challange

this map is just a simpel multiplayer map... with a few Challanges... "north is for one player and the spawn is for the an other :) hope you guys find this map funny... and if you have some suggestions about what i should fix or edit then just give me a feed back and il look on to it :)

Factorio Tower Defense

Welcome to Factorio Tower Defense, it has 2 kinds of tower and 28 wave of biters and boss.
The mod has 2 kinds of locale for now , such as Chinese and English