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Forces & players management interface for multiplayer gaming and PvP.

Sandbox Demo Campaign

Get sandbox/freeplay in the demo.

Download from google drive by adding it to your own drive, then download the folder from your drive.

Simply put this folder into contents > data > base > campaigns > demo

Then when you launch the game you should be able to click on campaign and access "sandbox"

If you want to you can then open the console and type:
/c game.local_player.character = game.local_player.surface.create_entity{name="player", position = {0,0}, force = game.forces.player}
which will spawn the player model and allow you to play similarly to freeplay.

I would recommend going to https://wiki.factorio.com/index.php?title=Console to learn how to give yourself items since the crafting system is slightly broken.

Tower Defense

- Build a maze out of walls and turrets to keep biters that are spawning in waves and possibly multiple positions from reaching a valuable target
- Campaign including a tutorial and three maps. Making new maps shouldn't be too hard
- Four different, unlockable turrets
- Simplified crafting recipies. You get to manage a small base for resources but are mostly busy building a maze
- Decide what to spend your mining efforts on: money for turrets, stone for walls or coffee for science

Factorio Tower Defense

Welcome to Factorio Tower Defense, it has 2 kinds of tower and 28 wave of biters and boss.
The mod has 2 kinds of locale for now , such as Chinese and English