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CMHMod (My take on balancing Bob's Mods)

Just my take on Bob's Mods.

Upgraded the rocket requirements. Now requires most (if not all) of Bob's highest tier stuff and metals. Solar Panels mk3, accumulators mk3, cobalt steel, tungsten, and even god-modules. No more finishing the game in 4 hours (Yes, its a challenge!)

Removes zinc and gold ore fields, but includes a couple of recipes to get them!

Adds some alternative recipes (while leaving the originals available still*), giving you a logistics/balancing challenge: use a faster recipe with higher yields, or the simpler recipe? ¿porqué no los dos?

Latest Version adds Sodium Hydroxide requirement for crude oil processing and coal processing to increase Sodium Hydroxide uses. Liquid versions available too for variety.

More changes may still be added. Feedback/suggestions appreciated.

*crude oil recipe changed - Bob's recipe unavailable with this mod.

Hypon's lategame Modpack

I didnt make any of these mods but i programmed them to exist together and create more options to do in lategame. I also balanced some of them and added new content.

Mod list:
5dim_core/automatization/logistic/transport 3.1.0
FactorioBasics-Power_0.1.5 Fast_pump_1.0.0 Landfill_2.1.7 WaterWell_1.0.10 weaponry_0.2.0

Tree house

New kind of Tree house and tree workers, produce trees and charcoal. Tree house is a logistic provider container, so you can use logistic robot to get the raw-wood from the house. Tree plant in different lands have different effects, I suggest that you plant in the grass.

5dim mod

5dim´s mod is a total conversion mod with tons of new features and graphics. This mod is divided in modules that you can download separately from factorio forum

Bob's mods - Metals, Chemicals and Intermediates

This is the foundation mod of the Bob's mods series. The primary purpose is to add a relatively realistic method of refining the new ores found in the Bob's mods - ores. To do this it adds several additional chemicals, intermediates, and machines.
Bob's mods - Library is required to run this mod.


The main objective of Factorio has changed, instead of racing to the Rocket Silo, you must now supply your homeworld with an ever increasing supply of resources. Homeworld also adds a bunch of new machines, production chains and technology. Such features include farms, fisheries, alcohol, building materials, terraformers and more.

NotEnoughStuff main-mod

This mod adds all the stuff that you definitely necessarily always wanted and needed in your factory.

But seriously this mod just adds fun stuff.


- long reach
- increased some stack sizes
- tech robot speed
- tech robot cargo size
- tech laser turret damage
- tech laser turret speed
- tech lab research speed
- when an enemy dies there is a chance it drops (an) alien artifact(s)
- (un)barrel every fluid and gas
- infinite health
- faster movement
- less dark
- bigger inventory: 160
- default mining speed is slightly increased
-- every new player gets 1 power box (13GW), not craftable.

added items:
- faster inserter
- faster smart inserter
- better roboport: more range, more recharge power, more recharge slots
- parquet flooring: slows down movement speed by 30% (handy when using alot of speed boots while walking your factory)
- pollution generator
- speedboots: 5 x exo cost and spec
- reactor: 10 x cost and spec
- personal roboport: 5 x cost and spec
- stronger laser turret: 2 x range, 2 x base damage, 1/2 cooldown
- faster train
- all/most factories have improved versions: M1 -> M5

Bob's mods - Library

This mod adds a lot of new functions to the game. They are used by many of my mods, and can easily be used by other mods too.

This mod is required by most of the Bob's mods series of mods.

Bob's mods - Ores

This mod adds new types of ore on map generation, used by my mods, and some others such as DyTech and F-Mod.
This mod requires Bob's Mods - Library to function
This mod is configured to auto-enable ores if certain other mods are installed (Bob's mods - Metals, Chemicals and Intermediates(bobplates) or 5dim mod)
This mod can be manually configured with Bob's mods - Config

Cursed Exp

Adds experience, talents and blood handling to Factorio.


A mod that extends some machines of the base game, but adds a lot more then that. DyTech is an Endgame mod! And VERY Hard with the newly added Biters!


This mod ARE VERY HARDCORE MODIFICATION WARFARE GAMEPLAY, you need to think about the strategy of war or enemies will punish you!

Factorio Tower Defense

Welcome to Factorio Tower Defense, it has 2 kinds of tower and 28 wave of biters and boss.
The mod has 2 kinds of locale for now , such as Chinese and English

Vanilla Plus

This mod is a rebalance of the base game to make content more meaningful. Look forum for download and more details.