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Category: Balance
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Advanced realistic weaponary - NEW EN TRANSLATION

This mod adds a new and better weapons with more realistic look, shooting and sounds. You can unlock them from the beginning and have already quite strong defense, so you don’t have to be afraid that the aliens will eat you. Please, check this website for new releases of the mod. Thank you for downloading this mod and don’t forget to give the monsters hell with our guns!

Alien Artifact Loot

To make collection of Alien Artifacts easier, this mod makes alien units randomly drop them upon death.


The main component is the Super Assembling Machine. All new recipes can be made only there. S.A.M. has 8 module slots and up to 8 ingredients. It can process both solid and liquid ingredients. Furthermore, I've thought of the Sam-circuit. Each new recipe which is prepared in a SAM, needs this as a catalyst.

The main recipes for research and development have been implemented yet.
3. Party Mods are not supported yet, I have to adjust each recipe individually.

Only articles are made, which can be also provided in the normal Assembling Maschines. The chemical plant is not yet supported. However, this is still on my to-do list.

Caution in Version 0.2.1 you can not research logisti-robotics and S.A.M. at the same time. You must choose between this technologys.

Version 0.3.0 only for Factorio 0.13.X
added the Chemplant version of S.A.M.
Remove Decisione between S.A.M. and Logistic Robots.
Version 0.3.0 ist early Beta, please report any Bugs

Left-Right Load Balancer

Balances the left and the right side of a transport belt by taking items alternately left and right from the input belt. If one side is empty it will be skipped. Output goes the same: one left and one right, if one side is blocked it will be skipped.

Known Issues:
-Splitter signals that it needs electricity but also works without it
-Transport belts are getting rendered above the splitter

CMHMod (My take on balancing Bob's Mods)

Just my take on Bob's Mods.

Upgraded the rocket requirements. Now requires most (if not all) of Bob's highest tier stuff and metals. Solar Panels mk3, accumulators mk3, cobalt steel, tungsten, and even god-modules. No more finishing the game in 4 hours (Yes, its a challenge!)

Removes zinc and gold ore fields, but includes a couple of recipes to get them!

Adds some alternative recipes (while leaving the originals available still*), giving you a logistics/balancing challenge: use a faster recipe with higher yields, or the simpler recipe? ¿porqué no los dos?

Latest Version adds Sodium Hydroxide requirement for crude oil processing and coal processing to increase Sodium Hydroxide uses. Liquid versions available too for variety.

More changes may still be added. Feedback/suggestions appreciated.

*crude oil recipe changed - Bob's recipe unavailable with this mod.

Belt Overflow

This mod causes full belts to overflow at the end.

If you think factory planning is too easy because you can let belts fill up as buffers, this mod is for you. Belts that fill up at the end will overflow onto the ground, making a mess and wasting your time and/or resources. It gets worse when the overflow starts to spill onto neighboring belts, ruining your production flow.


Are you tired of having useless burner mining drills and furnaces lying around? Ever wanted to repurpose them? Now you can with Upgrade!
A simple little script mod that adds recipes to create more advanced entities using precursor technology entities, similar to how inserters and assembling machines work. This mod can be used on loaded saves as well.

Easier Aliens

This mod changes 3 stats for medium, big and behemoth biters and spitters: max health, movement speed and regeneration. Medium aliens health is same as before, but bigger ones were nerfed a bit. Big biter has 4x health of medium, and behemoth 4x of big. So behemoth biter is now 1200, down from 5000. Big biters move a little slower than before, and behemoths slower than big ones. Health regeneration was reduced.

EMP Biters

Many mods give the player a whole host of new weapons and defenses to play with, but the poor biters are left behind. It's time they received an upgrade!
Now, large biters have a chance to give off an EMP blast when they die, temporarily disabling nearby turrets, radars, and logistic & construction robots. Large spitters also have a chance to EMP with their spit.
The larger the enemy and the higher the evolution factor, the bigger the chance of EMP is.
Gun turrets are only disabled by EMP for half as long as laser turrets, to encourage using mixed defenses.
Big Worms have a high chance to cause a large EMP blast with their spit, to make turret creep more challenging.
This mod also supports Bob's Enemies, Dytech War, and Natural Evolution Enemies.

VanillaEx (Vehicles, Defense, Energy & More!)

This mod is mainly focused on vanilla aspects, especially offense/defense and solar energy.
I take balance very seriously. Everything in this mod was carefully edited to be as balanced as possible for an authentic vanilla feel.
If something feels out of place, please leave a comment.

Most of the current content adds to the Mid-Game, I will add early-game content soon.

What this mod adds:
4 types of walls + 3 more types of gates. (Iron, Concrete, Plastic, Composite)
2 Advanced solar panels + advanced energy accumulator
7 types of vehicles
9 new types of tank shells
3 new ammo types
3 new guns
Finally 12 new techs to research in order to unlock these advanced items.

Electric Void

Adds an electric void, i.e. a huge accumulator that just consumes electricity and tends to equilibrate production and consumption (useful for testing power plants at their optimal output).

Rescaled Evolution Factor

Overwrites the existing evolution factor system with a more dynamic and interative one.

Crafted Artifacts

This mod adds a recipe for crafting alien artifacts from a new resource, rare earth. It is intended to allow production of science packs for players who want to play peacefully.
Rare earth is processed in a chemical plant (with copper and sulfuric acid) to make superconductors, which are crafted into superconducting wire, which is combined with processing units to craft alien artifacts.

Surivial Mode

Added food, water and oxygen. Try to survival on unknown planet as realistic!

Science Cost Tweaker Mod

This mod can be used as a simple alternative to marathon mod. It increases science costs significantly (4x to 9x depending on tier and config) - you need bigger factory to feed your science labs. Science also now has its own dedicated production lines and intermediate products. No more making science packs from conveyor belts and inserters!

Ore Expansion

This is a tiny mod I wrote for myself a while ago that makes ore denser the further from spawn you go. It's meant to encourage exploring deep into biter land instead of just sitting < 1000 tiles from the spawn the entire game. It should work with any mod-added ore without any changes required.

Science pack prerequisites

This mod fixed the prerequisites in the science tree.
Any research that needs science pack 3 is guaranteed to have battery and advanced-electronics as its prerequisite.
Any research that needs the alien science pack is guaranteed to have alien-technology as its prerequisite.