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Converts a 2 x 2 or 4 x 4 tile area to land.
Flood-fills bodies of water using landfills from your inventory.
Can be placed by clicking and dragging.
Create small water holes using explosions.

Advanced Equipment

This mod adds additional equipment for the modular armors system.


RoadWorks is a mod focusing on adding the base connection infrastructure currently missing from Factorio. The mod expands on the car aspect of the game, adding features such as paved roads or speedometers.

Rail Tanker

Allows you to create a tanker wagon for the railway network to transport liquids by train

Resource Monitor Mod

This mod will help you to never lose track of your ore- and oil-fields again. All you need is your smart resource monitor ( and the required research for it of course ;))


This mod add 0 to 6 buttons which control game speed.

The Fat Controller

Remote train management.

The Fat Controller allows you to track trains, see their next stop, if they are currently moving and the item in their inventory with the highest count, you are also able to remotely control trains and set their schedule.


Create matter with electricity and use the new rare-earth resource to create multiple enhanced machines. Dramatically changes balance/strategy in the game.

Endless resources

It makes all resources infinite as oil. Minimum resources are 0.25 instead of 0.1, makes for one ore mined every 4 mining cycles on average (ui shows 0.3 sec, but yield is 50% and mining time is 2, so you get 0.25sec).

Pocket Bots

PocketBots will give you access to a new armor module, PocketBots. This module acts just like a portable roboport.

Smart Circuit Systems

Mod for factorio that (currently) adds six items, all capable of interacting with the circuit network:
- A device that can switch most machines on or off on a wire condition.
- A wire switcher that works on a wire condition.
- A sensor for the contents of a pipe.
- A sensor for the charge of an accumulator.
- An electric pulse sensor, which detects the instant the connected power network switches from charging to discharging, and vice versa.
- A sensor for items lying on the ground and the contents of nearby (primitive) inventories.

Filtered Splitters

This mod allows you to create filtering splitters.
These splitters can be combined into large splitters which divide incoming items equally over all outputs.
They also allow you to set filters, if any splitters in the set have a filter, all filtered items are spread over the filtering splitters only.

Scrap Mod

I have been working on a small mod that is mostly complete and should answer, to a limited extent, the demand people have for recycling machines: An structure that is destroyed drops (some of) its ingredients, down to and including ore, which will need to be re-smelted ("purified") to be reused. The mod affects everything that can be crafted, placed, and picked up: crashing cars to test this was pretty fun.

Factorio Maps

This mod creates a Google Map of your Factorio game. It will create a local html file, nothing has to be uploaded for it to work.

Mining Drill & Better ore storage

You always thought the basic mining drill is to slow? me too !
This Mod adds 5 new tiers of the mining drill, increasing its speed and area of effect.

Compression Chests

Stores a virtually unlimited number of one item type.
Chest only has one slot.
Takes power to insert and remove items from the chest.

Slipstream Chests

This is a simple mod to add inline storage to transport belts. Slipstream chests will pick up any items fed towards them by transport belts, and output onto transport belts that do not face them.

Planning Tool Mod

This mod allows you to created coloured overlays which can be used to plan new factories.

Supreme Warfare

You enjoy playing Factorio but you feel something is missing? I say you need bigger guns!
The first iteration of Supreme Warfare gives you four artillery cannons to play around.