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Suit Plug

Are you tired of your 4 mk3 personal robo-ports making you run slow? Do you wish you could just plug your suit into the main factory grid so it can charge? Now you can! It should work in multiplayer, but I am unable to test it right now.

Ver 0.0.2:
Suit Plugs now charge all batteries in the suit
Added an inexpensive plug that can contain no power.

Ver 0.0.4:
Fixed crashing in multiplayer when a player dies.
Should now work with multiple persons per player, but only the active person

All releases

Mod version Factorio version File version Install this version Release date
0.0.4 0.12.x Suit-Plug_0.0.4.zip Install 0.0.4 ()
0.0.2 0.12.x Suit-Plug_0.0.2.zip Install 0.0.2 ()
0.0.1 0.12.x Suit-Plug_0.0.1.zip (496 KB) Install 0.0.1 ()