Hey! The official Factorio mods app is up and running!
Stop using this one and go to http://mods.factorio.com
This app will be decomissioned soon! Thanks for your support!

How to install mods

The current install button is not supported by any mod manager yet, give it time.

After you download the mod you want, you have the following options:

Factorio Mod Manager

Factorio Mods Manager it's a multiplatform Java app created by narrowtux. You can find detailed instructions of how to use it in the forum. And you can download the app here.

Basically it creates a /fmm folder in the Factorio application directory, after that, you copy the mod packs to /fmm/ and the individual mods to /fmm/default/

The Factorio Mod Manager will let you activate and deactivate mods without having to manually add them or remove them from the folder.


Just copy the mods to /mods folder in the Factorio application directory.